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The Role of Nutrition and Health in the Life of an Entrepreneur

I mentioned previously in another blog, that I began developing a more disciplined lifestyle a few years ago, when I started building my own Digital Marketing Business – it made sense to me that the more energy, strength and vitality I had, the better able I’d be to dedicate myself professionally to my business.  I committed myself to maximizing my health so that I could maximize my personal investment in my business.  Through extensive research of nutrition, it soon  was very apparent that the food and drink we consume plays a huge role in our overall health.  I’ve evolved my lifestyle and diet over the last couple years, and find that I’m now able to maintain the high level of energy required to work the twelve and fourteen-hour days that happen routinely for entrepreneurs when you’re growing a business.

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When asked about the secret to his success, mega-successful digital marketing entrepreneur Sujan Patel said the answer was pretty simple:  he takes care of himself.  Sujan says that he treats his body and mind with respect and that this is one of the things that he does that most impacts his business success.  If you want to be successful over the long-term, ensuring your own good health is one of the most important things that an Entrepreneur can do.  Research suggests that a healthy diet leads to higher levels of productivity, happiness, motivation.  Consuming a healthy diet will also help you to live longer (which affords you more time to work on your business!!).  In fact, one recent study found that poor dietary choices are responsible for a 66% increased risk of loss of productivity.  For over-burdened entrepreneurs, this loss of productivity can be the difference between building a successful business and bankruptcy.  As a result, I’d like the share the tips and tricks I’ve learned that help me to keep my nutrition and diet on point in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


My 5 Tips for Healthy Food and Drink Consumption


Tip 1:

Keep It Simple:  I NEVER count calories.  And I’m not one that likes to weigh portion sizes or follow some rigid diet plan.  I focus on a Whole Foods/Plant Based Diet (I’m not stating that people can’t be healthy while eating meat, but most people do need to dramatically reduce the amount of meat that they’re consuming.  Plus, since I’m a Vegan, my purpose here is to share what’s been working for me, so I’ll be excluding the ‘meat talk’ for this blog.  By simply ensuring that you are eating the greatest majority of your food in its natural state, unprocessed by food giants, you will dramatically improve your diet and health.  Stay away from the middle aisles with their brightly colored packages in the supermarket and stick primarily to the vegetable and fruit aisles.


Tip 2:

Eliminate the White:  Refined products have no place in a healthy diet.  My personal goal is to eliminate white flour and white sugar 100% (occasionally I slip).  I stick with whole grains and healthy carbs and fibre that will provide lots of energy; if I do want something ‘sweet’, I stick with fruit, or have a few dates.  When you eat healthy carbs, like legumes, fruit and vegetables, whole wheat, millet, quinoa, brown rice and barley, you’ll feel full longer, and blood sugar and insulin levels will remain lower.  9 Healthy Eating Tips that Ensure Longterm Success –  The Business Journals


Tip 3:

Consume healthy Fats:  Nuts and seeds, avocados and mono-saturated fats from plant oils (like peanut, olive and canola), are all good choices to make when eating fats.  Through the last 30 years, fat has been blasphemed, as food industry giants began stripping products of fats and replacing with sugar for the taste value (it had been determined that it was ‘fat’ that made us fat).  Sadly, the general population got more and more obese, with experts now understanding that sugar is a greater factor in determining obesity than fat.

Tip 4:

Cook in BULK:  One of the biggest reasons for consuming unhealthy foods is convenience.  Although I’m a guy, I made sure to learn the basics in the kitchen so that I’m able to make the healthy foods that I enjoy without being dependent on others.  When you cook soups, or stews in advance and freeze, it’s always easy to grab a quick, healthy meal.  My mom’s a life-long vegetarian (now vegan), so I made sure to learn how to cook her very best recipes before I moved out into my first apartment.

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Tip 5:

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate:  Drink Water.  Drink Water.  Drink Water.  I never drink juices or soda – why would I put that garbage in my body?  Good clean water is the drink that best replenishes our body’s natural fluids.  It’s ok to have the occasional coffee or to drink tea, but the drink you should consume on a routine basis is Water.  Proper hydration plays a significant role in entrepreneurial success, but during the craziness of a typical business day, entrepreneurs frequently ‘forget’ to drink a sufficient quantity of water to stay hydrated.   A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed dehydrations leads to “headache symptoms, loss of focus, a sense of fatigue and low mood both at rest and during exercise.” None of these symptoms associated with dehydration will help you to build your Business.


Great entrepreneurs aren’t satisfied to just make money – they want to build a lifestyle that supports their entrepreneurial pursuits and that also maximizes their enjoyment and happiness in all areas of their lives.  Many entrepreneurs would be surprised to learn that some of the most critical decisions they make on a daily basis are those decisions surrounding nutrition – the food you choose might not seem so important in the short-term, but eventually people are usually forced to face the gravity of their selections.  The saying ‘Money can’t buy you Health’ is very well-known because it’s TRUE.  To build a great entrepreneurial lifestyle, choose to excel and achieve mastery in ALL areas of your life.